Our store is only open in the Philippines for now but we have plans on expanding in the near future. For interested international buyers, here are some additional instructions to be able to order in our website:

  1. Register for an account
  2. On “My Account”, select “Modify your address book entries
  3. Add the following address below:
    • Address1: 2292 Onyx Street San Andres Bukid
    • City: Manila
    • Country: Philippines
    • Postal/Zip Code: 1017
  4. After adding items, select the “cart icon” then “view shopping bag”. In the “special instructions for seller” section, kindly put a note that you’re an international buyer together with your original address so it will be recorded in our system.
  5. During checkout, choose “Use a different billing address” in the Billing Address section and put your original address.

We only accept PayPal payments for international buyers.

We accept orders from anywhere in the world. Your credit card company will convert your currency to PHP (Philippine Peso) at the time of purchase using the current exchange rate. We do not control the exchange rate, nor any foreign transaction fees your issuing bank may charge.

For international buyers, you may use PayPal for the payment.

  • DHL
  • FedEx

Several shipping methods are available for each courier, including standard and expedited services. Some shipping methods explicitly state which courier will be used. Others may be shipped by a variety of couriers depending on the properties of the package.

All shipping method options are listed during checkout. We will notify you and send you the shipping form through e-mail.

After the courier gives us the quotation, we will inform you the final shipping fee through email.

DHL and FedEx – We will e-mail you a notification with the quotation of the shipping fee

The basis of the shipping fees for DHL and FedEx is the dimensional or volumetric weight.

DHL and FedEx – (Not sure kung ilang days yung delivery nila since international to, per depende rin ata sa area)

There will be a small portion of shipments that will take longer. If your delivery has not yet arrived, we suggest you check the tracker of the courier to get a package update. Please be advised that deliveries to some addresses may take longer than the stated delivery dates. Deliveries may also take longer if you live in an area that is experiencing an unexpected service delay due to causes such as severe weather, natural disasters, and unscheduled events.